RIDGE first aid Is back in action! All wilderness first aid courses are now live. register online or email us at info@exploreridge.com for more information :)

Canada's Wilderness Experts. first aid courses and wilderness adventures

Ridge Wilderness Adventures offers a wide variety of First Aid options... all Red Cross certified and ranging from basic CPR/AED courses to the intensive, high-level Wilderness First Responder Course!

Founder and CEO, David Wooldridge, is recognized by the Canadian Red Cross as a valuable first aid resource, especially in Wilderness First Aid related programs. He was instrumental in the development of the new Red Cross 80 hour Wilderness First Responder program and Ridge Wilderness is proud to be one of the very first to offer it in British Columbia in Spring 2018!

Ridge Wilderness Adventures is a leading provider for first aid in BC. We specialize in Wilderness specific programs and believe our first-hand experience in guiding hundreds of people over the last 15 years makes us uniquely suited to assist you in experiencing life safely. 

Our First Aid courses are available all over BC and we love to travel to bring great First Aid to you!. We provide all our own equipment and have worked with many different groups all over BC including Vancouver, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Comox, the Sunshine Coast, Kelowna, Prince George, Nelson, Trail, and as far as the Queen Charlotte Islands!

We frequently work with Search and Rescue, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Ministry of Forestry groups as well as many government and private organizations to provide top quality first aid for their specific needs!  We've developed the SAR specific Wilderness First Aid course, especially for Search and Rescue teams, to combine the perfect mix of Wilderness First Aid and technical training certifications that they utilize frequently. 

Our public first aid courses run every month at our home location of Langley BC, just outside Vancouver and include OFA 1, WFA, AWFA, and Wilderness First Responder course options to sign up for.

As a company Ridge Wilderness Adventures continually supports groups who are working for our environment and working towards safety and fun in the outdoors. We firmly believe everyone should be able to have the skills needed to get out to explore more of our world comfortably and safely. It is our passion to be able to give you the tools needed to do just that!  

We hope this site and our services help you Explore,, Experience and Enjoy our beautiful outdoors!

Our Mission

We believe First Aid should be practical, hands-on and fun,  and it is our commitment to our clients and participants to offer those key qualities in all our programs! 

Our Goal

We aim to offer the BEST quality of training and excellence in all of our programs while making learning first aid an extremely positive experience for all! 

Hear what folks are saying!

Hello Ridge Wilderness First Aid:

I took the Ridge Wilderness First Aid course in Cumberland, BC with Chelsea Kennedy. What an excellent instructor! Apart from knowing her subject matter through and through, she was able to impart her knowledge with good humour and still make her point clearly and without minimizing the gravity of the situation. I loved her method of teaching, along with the 'props' (the raining blood bits were hilarious for example), red markers used to indicate an injury, a 'modified' BBQ tool mounted on a small block of wood with red marker marks to indicate bleeding of course and then stuffed into a pocket. What a great idea. Not too much imagination required to see that this was a 'puncture wound'. In other cases, photos of the real deal, plasticized, and held in place to indicate 3rd degree burns on a hand for another example. Pretty plain to see that without immediate hospital care, the patient could loose the use of her hand.

I also liked a couple of other things too. Chelsea would review previous points in her summaries. I remember one situation where I just didn't know what to do (she had just told us). "I don't know what to do for this one", I said. She quietly gave me a clue... And it all came back. I was able to perform what I needed to do.

I've taken many first aid courses, and some of them more advanced than this one, although long ago. When I asked about a particular situation, she would kindly give the explanation in a matter of fact way: That's beyond the level of this course, for example). It was done tactfully, firmly, and yet kindly. This is without a doubt the best first aid course I have ever taken, and it is your instructor Chelsea who made it so.

To polish it all off, she followed up the course with an email, in her usual light-hearted style relating to some of the more humorous moments in the course. I truly can't think of one change I would make. Thank you Chelsea for being you:)

Thank you for a great course. And I especially like the first aid book. Small enough for my back back, easy to find what you need, water resistant pages. A true wilderness first aid book:). Thank you.

Louise Osborn