Advanced Wilderness First Aid (40 hours)

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This course is designed to prepare you to deal with someone for more than 24 hours. We teach a minimum of 75% of the course outside to create a realistic learning environment. This course has the Standard First Aid and CPR C with AED built into the course. Upon successful completion, you will have these certificates built into your Advanced Wilderness First Aid certificate. Like the WFA course, we add basic shelter construction that is not part of the certificate. 

The course is typically run over 2 weekends and length is dependant on group size and skill level. The first weekend is made up of the basic Wilderness First Aid program, and the second weekend is the Advanced portion of the course. Both weekends/ all four days together make up the full Advanced Wilderness First Aid certification. (We do hold at least 2 FULL 4 day (in a row) courses a year!


  • Free 2 year Skill Refreshers for anyone who takes our Wilderness First Aid courses!
  • Occupational First Aid equivalency options available!
  • This course counts for 20 credits towards keeping your EMR License current :)


Additional to the content listed in the Basic Wilderness First Aid Course

  • Triage
  • Advanced Communication Techniques
  • Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Extended Care
  • Discontinuing Spinal Precautions
  • Aligning Fractures
  • Relocating Dislocations
  • Field Sterilization Techniques
  • Multiple Injury Protocols
  • Advanced Field Splint Techniques
  • Patient Transportation
  • Jaw Thrust
  • Altitude Injuries
  • Advanced Scenarios

Course Length: 

Can be completed as:

4 full days (40 hours) or over 2 weekends (40 hours) 


$459.95 - $529.95 plus tax  (Full 4 days (40 hours))

$ 259.95 - $329.95 plus tax (Upgrade 20 hours)

*prices vary by location

Ages 12-16 can take the course and be certified when participating with a parent/guardian :)

To take advantage of our discounted rate of the full AFWA course when it is split over 2 weekends purchase under the date selection TBD. Please then get in contact with our office and let them know what specific dates, which 2 weekends, you would like to complete your course on.

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