Level 1 Occupational First Aid (OFA)

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Occupational First Aid Level 1 is a course designed to cover all medical techniques considered to be within the responsibility of the first aid attendant in the workplace.

The purpose of the course is to help workers to identify common medical emergencies that may happen in the work environment and take appropriate steps to minimize the risk to the victim.

Included in the curriculum of this course are adult CPR, dealing with shock, spinal injuries, treating minor wounds, sprains, and burns, as well as managing emergency situations. 

Why Take OFA Level 1?

The benefits and importance of being able to appropriately administer emergency first aid should the need ever arise at your workplace is invaluable.

Every workplace should have employees who know what to do in a possible lif or death situation. Even if the situation is not life threatening, timely first aid can make a huge difference to a patient's recovery.

OFA Level 1 will teach students to identify and manage a variety of medical emergencies. It will impower you to make appropriate decisions should you witness someone going into distress and it may even help you save a life.

Those that are looking for the Level 1 OFA course are also commonly interested in the Transportation Endorsement. 


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